This One's for You Todd

I'm just finishing watching the Democratic debates on DVR; I have to say it's quite refreshing. It's nice to see the candidates being cordial and respectful of each other's talents and positions.

It's especially nice after watching the Republican debate and its endless bickering about who can kick out the most immigrants and extend the war in Iraq the longest (and of course Paul's call for a return to the gold standard--it'll get us back to those roaring 20s). Really, how long could they debate the exact wording of Romney's hiding in the weeds quote?


  1. Chase said...
    Hey, this is Todd's brother, Chase. You're right that there was some definite bickering at the GOP debate. But it's unfair to say that there has been no bickering on the dems' side. Please.
    Jeff said...
    Hi Chase,

    It would be unfair to say that there has been no bickering on the Dem's side but that's not what I said. I was struck by the extreme differences between these two debates. The Republicans were really bad (especially McCain who unfortunately will likely be the one to get the nomination) and the Democrats were really good.

    I think it was a smart move on Clinton's and Obama's part as we'll likely move this week from a debate within parties to debate between parties when candidates are selected on Super Tuesday. After the debates this week the Democrats are coming in to this with a definite advantage over the Republicans.
    Lisa said...
    He Jeff, glad to see you are back in the blogosphere! Now I must clear my throat, ahem,... and remind you that almost the entire media establishment, and Democratic base is telling Bill Clinton to put a lid on it.

    It was the Dems that started the politics of personal destruction, and the Republicans that are having a healthy debate about the future of our party...

    I personally despise McCain to my core and think the country will pay a very high price if they do not elect Romney. Higher taxes, weak foreign policy, and growth of the nanny state.
    Lisa said...
    BTW...That was Todd posting as me :)

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