Our alarm clock

Our snooze button

Our snooze button

Emma gets up most mornings at about 6:45. We can hear her start to grunt and whimper a bit. The trick then, is to get up and put her binky in before she really wakes up (this job usually falls to my wife since she is unfortunate enough to have the crib on her side of the bed). Emma then falls back to sleep for 10 minutes—she’s remarkably consistent in this. Once she stars to coo though, all hope is lost.

After a pause, during which my wife and I are asking “Aren’t you going to get her?”, I get up. Once she sees me coming I hear swish, swish, swish as she moves her legs in excitement and as my vision clears in the dim light I see her smile that says, “I knew you’d come.”

Last night was my night to put Oliver to bed. I laid him down and he patted his mattress and said, “up here,” so I joined him. He made sure I was suitably covered with the blanket and, since he doesn’t want to miss out on anything, made sure everybody else was already asleep. “Natalie is sleeping?” he asked. “Natalie is sleeping,” I responded. “Tiger is sleeping?” “Tiger is sleeping.” “Doggies are sleeping?” “Doggies are sleeping.” “Ice cream is sleeping?” “Ice cream is sleeping.” Once he was satisfied he proceeded to toss and turn until, exasperated, I got up and went to watch TV. Oliver followed.

Saturday Night Live was on, Janet Jackson was hosting. During the musical number Oliver was watching the dancers. My wife told Oliver to go dance. “Noooo,” he said. I joined in, “Go dance Ollie.” He got a bit shy then stepped out and danced. It was 11:30, Janet Jackson was on TV, and my 2 year old was dancing like a 2 year old. It was, of course, gorgeous.

And then Oliver went with mommy to bed.


This blog is my attempt to chronicle my experiences balancing law school and family. Since I won’t start school for another couple months I’ll probably be posting more family and less law for now. But that’s ok, I have a pretty cute family.