The Best Laid Plans

I decided in order to be a "better" student that I would take on an extra 10 pm to midnight study shift after the kids went to bed. I should have listened to Amy's warnings as I made it about two weeks until I burned out (I hit snooze repeatedly for a solid hour yesterday morning, without a single complaint from Amy--bless her heart) and got sick (the kids had it, my classmates had it, so maybe I was doomed regardless, but adding sleep deprivation to the mix certainly didn't help).

I just can't play fast and loose with sleep the way I used to (let's be honest I lost that ability probably 5 years ago). So here I am back to being sick and tired and triaging my work to get as many of the essentials done as I can and letting the rest go. Which is a fine place to be and maybe I'd feel better about it if I got a bit more respect from my son. As I left to go to school today he said, "Why don't you go to a real school da-da?"

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  1. Lilita said...
    Learning to "triage" work was the best skill grad school gave me. You can't possibly get it all done, so stop the most urgent bleeders and move on. Well done! (I'll give you some respect if the son won't--mine is currently dissing me by refusing to sleep. These crazy kids!)

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