After having to struggle taking Ollie's "sorta Legos" apart for the fifth time last night we decided to splurge a bit and get the real thing. There are two things to note about real Legos. First, they cost more than you would expect and second, they're worth it. There's a surprising satisfaction in putting two blocks together. There's a slight chatter as the pegs align, then they slide smoothly together with just the right tension...beautiful.

Apparently, Legos are made (28,500 per minute) with such precision that only 18 out of a million are defective and todays blocks still connect with the original sets made in 1958.

My mom had been compiling a list of things that are worth spending extra on (she's a recent convert to first class flying). Mom, you can add Legos to your list.


  1. bg said...
    I have another thing for the list. Bose noise cancelling head phones. I now can plug them into the TV and after 10 I wear them while I watch TV until 1:00. Dad blissfully sleeps and I get amazing sound from my favorite shows that I've recorded. I'm starting a list of things that are not worth splurging for. So far Chico's jewelry and anything by Polo.
    bg said...
    Oh yeh, I don't hear Dad's snoring while I watch TV also.
    Lisa said...
    I need to get me some of those bose headphones! I totally remember building lego cities when I was a kid. I especially remember the mismatched craziness of it all because we always lost pieces, hahaha!

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