Happy Anniversary!

Amy and I have been married for four years as of today. About five years ago I developed a crush on this girl. We fell in love and then got married. Between us we've been in three school programs. We've had babies and totally fallen for those babies. We've moved back and forth across the country. Been to Hawaii and Aruba and even to Woburn!

Amy taught me to sew and I made her a handbag. I tried to teach her HTML and she was a good sport. We've learned to bicker and then get over it. We've had four or five gray hairs (all Amy's but I'm getting the ear hair).

We've both realized that we are a better match than we ever thought when we were dating. That sleep deprivation makes us cranky. That Macs are more fun than PCs. That it's nice to have a clean house but sometimes it's nicer to watch HGTV.

The great thing is that I still have a crush on that girl.

I love you Amy B. And I promise that in four years I won't still be in school.


  1. Brownie said...
    I love you too Babe!!
    bg said...
    Happy, happy anniversary you guys!
    Lisa said...
    Happy Anniversary! I love you two and am so happy you got hitched 4 years ago :)
    GermPharm said...
    Is anyone laying down bets on the last comment, "I promise to not be in school 4 years from now"? Because I'd love to get in on that action. Jeffy G is a school addict. As much as he'd like to just quit cold turkey after this law degree, I just don't see it happening. I think this is about as likely as Snoop saying he won't be smoking hash in 4 years. I love you Jeff, but realistically you'll be cranking out degree's until you're 50. And the world will be better for it. I wish you both the best.

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