Sloppy Joe

I was about half way through class this morning when I felt something rough on my sleeve. I looked down and it was a giant smear of food. It was gross. And upon further inspection, though the largest, it was certainly not the only splotch. There were bits on my other sleeve and across the front. It looked like I got sneezed upon by a baby who was half way through eating a banana (which is very well what may have happened).

I guess this is what you get when you get dressed at 6:30 am after wrangling half the night with angry baby who will only, finally, go back to sleep lying sideways in your bed where she can periodically kick you in the face.

After class I washed the largest, most offensive splotch off my sleeve in the men's room sink. I love my glamorous life!


  1. GermPharm said...
    I can't top that story. But getting dressed at 6:00 am so you don't wake the baby and mom who just went to sleep has many hazards. Like when you put on a pair of pants, a shirt, and tie that look like they were stolen from 3 different people. Or when you put on a white shirt to look respectable and then find out at work (in broader daylight) that there are many food stains on the front, and a huge dirt stain on the back shoulder.

    When you have kids, dress at your own risk.
    bg said...
    You are very funny Jeff.
    bg said...
    Oh yes and remember that you were at one time the baby who was kicking me in the face.
    Todd McLauchlin said...
    Jeff, you are the man. Keep up the good work - you will be telling these stories long into the future. No worries, in no time at all you will be Master Lawyer of the Universe.

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