A Better Alarm Clock

Our alarm clock

Our snooze button

Our snooze button

Emma gets up most mornings at about 6:45. We can hear her start to grunt and whimper a bit. The trick then, is to get up and put her binky in before she really wakes up (this job usually falls to my wife since she is unfortunate enough to have the crib on her side of the bed). Emma then falls back to sleep for 10 minutes—she’s remarkably consistent in this. Once she stars to coo though, all hope is lost.

After a pause, during which my wife and I are asking “Aren’t you going to get her?”, I get up. Once she sees me coming I hear swish, swish, swish as she moves her legs in excitement and as my vision clears in the dim light I see her smile that says, “I knew you’d come.”

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